Bulk price Cas 77-92-9 citric acid anhydrous ensign price ci

Brand Name: SGONEK

Price: $4 -$5/Kilogram

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China

Certification: ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

Grade: Food Grade.pharmaceutical Grade

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Product Name:  Citric Acid Cas No.:  77-92-9
Molecular Formula:  C6H8O7 Purity:  99%min
Brand Name:  SGONEK Certification:  ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

Bulk price Cas 77-92-9 citric acid anhydrous ensign price ci

Product name: Citric Acid
The product CAS:77-92-9
Product ID:HB-F017
Product Name: Citric Acid
Synonyms: 2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid
CAS No.: 77-92-9
EINECS No.: 201-069-1 Best quality food grade Citric acid
Molecular Formula: C6H8O7
Molecular Weight: 192.14
Melting Point: 153°C
Flash Point: 100°C
Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol and acetone. Insoluble in diethyl ether and benzol. Slightly soluble in Chloroform.

Citric Acid Anhydrous is the water-free form of the commonly known Citric Acid. This ingredient is odorless and colorless and exists in a crystalline form as a solid. Produced naturally and synthetically, Citric Acid in anhydrous and other forms serves an essential purpose in human functions. 

Citric Acid is mainly used as flavoring agent, preservative and antistaling agent in food and beverage industry. Citric Acid also can be used as antioxidant, plasticizer, detergent in chemical, cosmetics and detergent industries. As a food additive, Citric Acid Anhydrous is an essential food ingredient in our food supply. As a leading food additives and food ingredients supplier in China, we can provide you with high quality Citric Acid Anhydrous.

Citric acid is mainly used as a sour agent, a solubilizer, a buffering agent, an antioxidant, a mite deodorant, a flavor enhancer, a gelling agent, a toner, and the like. In addition, citric acid has the effects of inhibiting bacteria, protecting color, improving flavor, and promoting sucrose conversion. Citric acid also has a chelating effect that can remove certain harmful metals. Citric acid can prevent oxidation caused by enzyme catalysis and metal catalysis, thus preventing discoloration and flavor change of quick-frozen fruits.

In terms of food additives, it is mainly used for refreshing beverages and pickled products such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, and lactic acid drinks, and the demand varies depending on the seasonal climate. Citric acid accounts for about 2/3 of the total consumption of sour agents. Adding citric acid to canned fruit can maintain or improve the flavor of the collection, increase the acidity (lower the pH) of the fruit cans when the acidity is low, weaken the heat resistance of the microorganisms and inhibit their growth, and prevent the acidity from decreasing. Canned cans of fruit can often swell and break. The addition of citric acid as a sour agent in candies facilitates the coordination of fruitiness. The use of citric acid in gelatin foods such as sauces and jellies can effectively reduce the negative charge of pectin, thus allowing hydrogen bonding between pectin molecules to gel. In the processing of canned vegetables, some vegetables are alkaline reactions, using citric acid as a pH adjuster, not only can play a role in flavor, but also maintain its quality. The chelating effect of citric acid and the adjustment of its pH-value characteristics make it possible to increase the performance of antioxidants in the processing of quick-frozen foods, inhibit the activity of enzymes, and extend the shelf life of foods.

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