Soybean Fermentation Extract 20% 50% CAS NO.: 51446-62-9 pho

Brand Name: SGONEK

Price: $150 -$160/Kilogram

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China

Certification: ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

Grade: Food Grade

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Product Name:  Phosphatidylserine Cas No.:  51446-62-9
Molecular Formula:  / Purity:  5%-98%
Brand Name:  SGONEK Certification:  ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

Soybean Fermentation Extract 20% 50% CAS NO.: 51446-62-9 pho

Product Name: Phosphatidylserine

Other name: L-α-Phosphatidyl-L-serine; Improve memory; Serinephosphatide; PS;

1,2-Distearoyl phosphatidyl serine; 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-3-glycerophosphoserine;


Botanical Source: Soy (Glycine max.)

Part Used: Seeds                                                                        

Appearance: Light Yellow fine powder.

Specifications:  L-α-Phosphatidyl-L-serine20-60%

Test Method: HPLC

CAS No.: 51446-62-9

Phosphatidylserine (PS) are synthesized in the body of serine compounds, Italy,Scandinavia and other European countries are widely used phosphatidylserine supplements to treat dementia caused by old age and normal memory loss in elderly.

For the role of anti-aging: Phosphatidylserine supplements can increase the cerebral cortex of neurotransmitters in the production of acetylcholine, acetylcholine and thinking, reasoning and focus have associated. Phosphatidylserine can also stimulate the synthesis and release of dopamine.Phosphatidylserine and the brain seems to have associated stress response. A clinical study found that in response to the health of people put pressure on the experiment, taking phosphatidylserine crowd responsefor the pressure lower than other groups. Stress response is by measuring blood levels of corticotropin-derived, ACTH is a hormone secreted by the pituitary, which then promote the secretion of adrenal stress hormone cortisol. Phosphatidylserine mainly for the treatment of dementia (including Alzheimer's disease and non-Alzheimer's dementia), and normal memory loss in elderly. 

1. Improve brain function, attention and improve memory.

2. To improve student performance.

3. To stabilize mood and improve sleep.

4. To repair brain damage.

5. To scavenge free radicals, anti-oxidation,To improving immunity.

6. To relieve stress, enhance the recovery of brain fatigue.

7. To Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

8. To effectively improve the vitality of brain cells,preventing Alzheimer's disease. 

9. To improve older people's brain function, improve cognitive ability.

10. Natural sebum control alcohol level athletes to improve the training results.

11.To extend the hours of children's attention, improve concentration and academic performance, improving the state of jelly4. Easy to overcome the tensions resulting from mental stress.

To effectively improve the vitality of brain cells, preventing Alzheimer's disease To stabilize mood and improve sleep To increase attention, improving the symptoms of ADHD, etc. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseasesTo scavenge free radicals, anti-oxidation To improve immunity.

(1)  Improves brain function and memory.

(2)  Improve students' memory and language skills and helps with ADHD.

(3)  Relieves brain pressure and promotes brain fatigue recovery.

(4)  Delays brain aging, repairs brain damage, and prevents senile dementia and forgetfulness dementia and forgetfulness.

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