High Purity 50-63-5 Chloroquine Phosphate powder

Brand Name: SGONEK

Price: $200 -$380/Kilogram

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China

Certification: ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

Grade: Phamaceutical Grade

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Product Name:  chloroquine phosphate Cas No.:  50-63-5
Molecular Formula:  C18H32ClN3O8P2 Purity:  99%min
Brand Name:  SGONEK Certification:  ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

High Purity 50-63-5 Chloroquine Phosphate powder

The National Health Commission has issued a statement stating that chloroquine phosphate, fapilavir, and a group of proprietary
Chinese medicines have antiviral activity. For example, chloroquine phosphate has shown very good activity against ro studies.

Item Standard Result
Characters A white or almost white crystalline powder Conform 
Melting point One melting at about 195°C 196°C
Identification Positive  Conform 
Solutions Complies with test  Conform 
Appearance of solution BY5 OR GY5 max  GY5
PH(10% w/v) 3.8-4.3 4.2
Related substance one spot 1.0% max  Conform 
Any other spot 0.5% max  Conform 
Heavy metals 20ppm max  10ppm 
Water 2.0% max  0.6%
Assay 98.5%~101.0%   99.6%

It is mainly used for the treatment of discoid lupus erythematosus and systemic lupus erythematosus.

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