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Xian Sgonek Biological Technology Co., Ltd., was established in July 2008. It is a professional animal and plant extracts modern and advanced enterprise object, pharmaceutical intermediates, and natural active ingredients. In the development, production and marketing, is very powerful. Headquartered in Xian. It has a research and development center and the Analysis and Testing Center, with strong comprehensive national strength. The company has 200 acres of experimental field of plant cultivation, extraction, distillation, rectification, chromatography, three specialized production lines, as well as 10,000 square meters of GMP standard worksh...

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NMN /Nicotinamide Mononucleotide nmnPharmac

NMN is not chemically extracted ,but uses the worldss most advanced biological enzyme preparation technology . The biological enzymatic method is a g

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grape seed extract CAS 501-36-0 trans-resve

Resveratrolis a polyphenolic compound, also called astragalus triphenols, which is a chemical preventive agent for tumor, and also a chemical preventiv

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c60 skincare fullerene c60 99.95 C60 Fuller

FullereneC60 can be used for the sensor to detect TNTto meet the needs ofcounter-terrorism; The three-dimensional highly delocalized electron conjugate

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Water Soluble or Liposoluble High Quality C

Product Name Coenzyme Q10 CAS No. 303-98-0 Purity 98% Appearance Yellow Powder Molecular Formula C59H90O4 EINECS No. 206-147-9 Description: Water Solub

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Hot selling pure lactoferrin 99% bovine lac

Product name: Lactoferrin CAS NO: 146897-68-9 Other Name:Lactoferricin B MF:C141H224N46O29S Appearance: Light Yellow Powder , Pink powder, White powder

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76050-42-5 carbopol 940/980/934/676/2020 pr

Carbomer also called Carbobol or Carboxypoly-methylene is a generic name for synthetic high molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid used as thickenin

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